Fashion Week Updates :: Fiona Mehta in NYC

Hi lovelies!

I just landed in New York a few hours ago and it has already seemed to be an epic-ly long day. I guess red eyes will do that to you. Right now I'm chilling in Madison Square Park in just a sweater. This may come off a bit like my own journal but being in NYC is absolutely surreal. What you see on TV and movies and hear about from people is all true! The brick buildings, complicated directions, streets flooded with yellow taxi cabs, abrasive men yelling at you - it's exactly what I expected and its wonderful!

Right now I am lucky enough to be staying with Connie's friends in a beautiful apartment in Chelsea with two very wonderful hosts. We got breakfast at a quaint cafe called "Elephant and Castle" and soon we're going to head over to Bryant Park to pick up our press passes (!!!). Tomorrow is going to be an extremely busy day with lots of shows. Everything I've been expecting and waiting for is finally becoming a reality! I'll keep you updated as more things happen.

Xo, Fiona

We currently have no photos from Fiona in NY as she did not want to be stared at for being all touristy. However, she has informed us that she is currently sitting on a park bench beside Chris March from Project Runway, still wearing what she wore on the plane (because changing is overrated): BCG Black Jeans, Frye Boots, Stolen-from-Boyfriend Cashmere Theory sweater, NASTY GAL Black Leather Jacket, and rocking her new Kate Lanphear-inspired haircut. She will have more updates (and pictures) for us very soon!


  1. Post pictures!! POST pictures!

    please fiona? pretty please?? :)

  2. Oh helllllllll naw. You had a chance for pictures with Chrissy Bear and you didn't take any? Girl, we have some serious talk to do when you get back about priorities.

  3. I envision an "standard" Fashion Week outfit of all black, though I can't tell because there are NO PHOTOS

  4. teeheehee she promised me pictures very soon! =)