Fashion Week Updates :: Fiona Mehta in NYC 2

Here are Fiona's thoughts and experiences from her first day in NYC:

So I forgot my camera-laptop connector so I will have to go buy one tomorrow. But no fear, I have some pretty lame/funny pictures if you can wait a bit.

So far we (Connie, myself, and host #1 Elana Fishman) wandered around Soho, tried on lots of things we couldn't afford and some things we could including a Katy Rodriguez peaked shoulders jacket and Zero by Maria Cornejo leather gloves (pictures when they get worn, be prepared!). We were able to spot actress Kerri Russell, models Hanne Gaby Odiele and Diane Conterato among other mysterious, beautiful tall legged creatures I could not put a name to. We went to a Paper Magazine x Sony VAIO party tonight for a hot second and pretty much the only exciting thing that happened there was seeing Richie Rich of Heatherette. And models posing creepily with tiny Sony laptops. Tossup.

Anyways, show line up tomorrow:
Jsong, Loris Diran, Oeltjenbruns and Geren Ford mixed with some evening presentations, shows and parties. I am excited and you should be too! Sorry for the lack of pictures I'll really try and be better tomorrow.



  1. Pictures! Must see pictures!! How else are we all going to pretend we're in New York with you!?? =P

  2. perhaps today we'll be luckier !!

  3. That is so cool how many famous people you've seen! Can't wait to see pictures!