Fashion Week Updates :: Fiona's Day 2 in NYC

My first official day of shows! The morning was kind of hectic and involved a lot of running around so I actually missed my first show (
Jsong) but I went to another show to make up for it, 6119 Ilana Sunderland. It was a presentation which meant that models were standing around awkwardly but looking extremely attractive. The clothes were hardly the most interesting thing I've seen - just relatively well-tailored simple dresses and jackets. I was more intrigued by the Rick Owens-wearing crowd. But I did get my first picture taken, so keep your eyes peeled on Refinery29.

After a
Starbucks, and sharing-a-table-with-a-male-model, stop, we were on our way to Vicente Villarin. This was also a presentation and we were able to chat with the designer Joanne Cordero, who told us her inspiration was magnetism and artist Eva Eisler's monochromatic
stainless steel jewelry. The dresses were absolutely beautiful, a mix between chiffon draping and polyester detailing. I'd keep my eyes open for these dresses because they were very Red Carpet-worthy and I'll bet $10 we'll be seeing one on Tilda Swinton or Angelina Jolie

Connie and I made a quick
Marc Jacobs stop before we made our way over to Oeltjenbruns, which I picked over Geren Ford because, well - male models. Oeltjenbruns was shown in Greenwich and brought in a crowd of bearded men in tailored suits and Miss Jay (yup). His aesthetic was very European cold weather uniform - baggy sweaters, relaxed pants, checkered detailing, gloves. Connie and I were less than impressed but I was also distracted by the male models - Stas Svetlichnyy, Nick Snider, Rogier Bosschaart were all there (and my brain imploded a bit). Little did it know what was to come later in the night.

After we picked up our credentials from Bryant Park (so we can actually enter the tents tomorrow) and got a delicious
Red Lobster dinner (yes, I went to New York and ate Red Lobster) we headed over to the Allison Lewis show, which was atop a quaint cafe. Her clothing was very reminiscent of SS09 Marc Jacobs 30's wear and SS09 Dolce & Gabbana silk pajama wear and looked very comfortable and chic.

We then ran over to Transformations by Paul Rowland,
which was a gallery opening of sorts. And this, my friends, was when I died in NYC. The party was a melange of beautiful models and a who's who of Manhattan's most fashionable: Faran Krentcil from Fashionista, designer Jeremy Laing, models Natasha Poly, Natalia Chabanenko, Georgina Stojilkovic, Daiane Conterato, Toni Garnn, Hanne Gobe Odiele, Isabeli Fontana, Behati Prinsloo, Alyona Osmanova, Alana Zimmer and newest V Magazine model contest winner Addison Gill (who attended with her mom!). And furthermore, as we were leaving, a Mulleavy sister walked in, but not in any way conducive sense to be begging her for a ticket to her show.

We went to another show,
Laura Dawson, which was memorable only for their free drinks, and left quickly to attend Parlor, another designer-showcase/party. My most vivid memory from this party was talking to designer Abigail Lorick and running into both Rogier and Stas, the
latter of which I was able to snag a picture with.

As you can see, the days are quite full, so I apologize for being a slow updater. But I have pictures this time to match my story!

What Connie wore today

The Iland Sunderland showcase

A Vincente Villarin dress

At Vincente Villarin, spying on Meredith Melling Burke from Vogue

Stay tuned for more pictures to be posted later today...


  1. Natasha Poly, Gerogina Stojikovic, Alyona Osmanova... OMG!!!
    Pictures look awesome!!!!
    Great job!

  2. That Iland Sunderland showcase looks so cool! The models all look so stoic and beautiful, not to mention very mannequin-like.

    The blue dress is gorgeous.

    And, Burke's shoes are hot.

  3. You guys are sweethearts! But I've been working @ NYLON for a year - no more fashionista for me :(

    xoxo Faran