Fashion Week Updates :: Fiona's Day 2 in NYC Cont'd...

Today I was finally able to make it over to the tents. I gave up Morgane Le Fay for Yigal Azrouel even though I didn't have a ticket. They gave me standing room and I was able to snag a seat luckily. In the front row I could see André Leon Talley in his red Obama beanie. Azrouel's collection was probably my favorite so far. Lots of drapings, skinny pants, cocoon coats, and a bit harder edge than normal with pin-studded bags and detailing and leather pants. I thought the collection was quite beautiful. And I got to see Iekeliene Stange with her new blond hair.

Afterwards I tagged along to
Abaeté where I also had no ticket or rsvp but got standing room. The collection was French revolutionary themed which meant gold and silver chain belts, rosette detailing, bow scarves, military jackets, and skinny tailored bottoms including jodhpurs. Celebrity sightings included Erin from MTV's The City (looking very fierce if I may add) and Kate Lanphear (not quite a celebrity, but a very influential figure; she's the Style Director at Elle). She also, of course, was impeccably dressed and looked more beautiful than in her pictures.

I had a break by myself while Connie met a friend for lunch and Elana headed back to her internship, so I had the chance to wander around a bit. Got a street hot dog, mused in my journal, and locked eyes with Scott Schuman
, who unfortunately did not ask to take my picture (alas, there's always tomorrow!).

At 3 p.m., I went to the
BCBG show, which was the biggest show yet. I unfortunately had standing room here too, but had I strolled over to the tents earlier I might have been able to grab a seat. I've realized that everything is extremely hectic because shows are impossible to accurately plan: people change their minds, people who rsvp don't come, someone big ends up coming, etc. It's really difficult to gauge how everything is going to play out. I spotted Kate Lanphear again, clicking away on her blackberry; although I noticed that she was paying more attention that she was at Abaete. I was too far back to really see any detailings on the dresses but they seemed to stay true to BCBG aesthetic -- draped silky dresses, although this time around they were paired with metallic leggings. There was also a segment of medieval-looking velvet dresses which didn't look very impressive but I was also (what felt like) light-years away from the runway.

This leaves me where I am now, at the NY public library to escape from the cold. Connie and I are doing some write-ups before we get Starbucks. And, I hopefully will get a tour of Teen Vogue when we change
out of our ridiculous heels (my poor feet) and head over to the Costello Tagliapietra show followed by the Academy of Art. Then tonight is the Chictopia party!

Update you later,


Photos from the runway and the rest of the day will be uploaded later today. So, stay tuned to BARE Blog!

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  1. I have a question: do most of the fashion editors actually take notes at the shows?? I'm really curious to know! You were saying Kate was on her blackberry a lot, do they actually watch a lot of what happens or just review it later, or are they just here to show that they're there???

    Please respond!!

    Amazed, in TN