Fashion Week Updates :: Fiona's Day 4 in NYC

Today we allowed ourselves to sleep in a bit and made our way to the VPL show. The audience was impressively packed into a small space: Kate Lanphear, Hamish Bowles, Taylor Tomasi, Bill Cunningham (who I swore took a picture of my shoes), Simon Doonan, and others. I was very impressed with the collection -- it looked ridiculously comfortable but also chic. I think Victoria Bartlett pretty much stayed within her aesthetic but managed to incorporate Fall trends: external zippered detailing, cocoon coats, jodhpur-esque pants, drapey scarves, some serious, chunky jewelry and even some skintight onesies. Seeing Daul Kim in an asymmetrical onesie -- what more could one want?

Kate Lanphear (bottom left), wearing sunglasses inside

We then headed over to the ADAM show at the Bryant Park tent. The clothing was not as impressive as the model lineup, which is of course the first thing I notice. The pieces were floaty and feminine, which is his trademark, but he also experimented with some edgier detailing, which are the pieces I liked more.

Amanda Laine, Jules Mordovets, Hanne Odiele (and Simon Doonan in the background)

Right after ADAM we took the subway across town to the Karen Walker show, which was one of the shows I was most excited about. It was everything I expected it to be: classic, feminine, and tailored. I spied a grey double-zippered dress and a pop-rocks-inspired printed dress that I definitely could see myself wearing. Joined by Camille from childhood flames, we all went over to the Vena Cava presentation which was absolutely stunning. The showroom was a triangular set up of models in acid wash printed tights, sequin-fringe embellishments, and studded black shoes. I spied Laurel from Itsherfactory (a blog I love) as one of the models (I believe she recently got signed with Ford).

The Karen Walker show

Laurel broke and smiled at Camille right after this picture was taken

The Vena Cava showcase

No time for stopping just yet. We headed back to the tents for the Verrier show. I had never actually heard anything about them, nor had time to do sufficient research about it, so I wasn't really sure what to expect.

I sat down in the third row and who do I see two rows ahead of me? None other than
Tim Gunn and Jennifer Love Hewitt. The show was amazing because of that and of course because of the most amazing model cast -- Myf Shepherd, Daul Kim, Imogen Bailey, Siri Tollerod and Amanda Laine to say the least. After the show, I picked up the Mercedes Benz swag bag (which by the way contains some of the most random stuff including nasal spray and a beer glass...) and headed over to Threeasfour, which was another presentation that I was most excited for. Unfortunately, the crowd was absolutely ridiculous and by the time I got up to the 8th floor, where the presentation was, it was about 45 seconds before the show ended. I was livid, but from what I saw it looked absolutely stunning.

Siri Tollerod at the Verrier show

It's Tim Gunn!

My brief yet amazed moment at the Threeasfour presentation

After my disappointing time at the Threeasfour show, I walked a few blocks to the nearest Starbucks to rest my feet, my shoulders (carrying 3 bags), and my mind. Also if you noticed, I hadn't eaten all day. Two Starbucks and two Clif bars in 10 hours doesn't cut it. Connie and Camille had a Chictopia dinner so I waited for Elana to get back from the show she had after Threeasfour, Ruffian, and then we went to dinner at the Rocking Horse Mexican Cafe by her apartment in Chelsea which had amazing food, and not just because it was the first time I sat down to eat that day.

We all had grand plans to go to the
Pleasure Principle Party and be about town but we were tired souls and decided to turn in early (although it's 4am and here I am, still up and writing). Tomorrow should be a good day -- I am going to try and head over to McQ for Target before the shows. Keep you updated!


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