Fashion Week Updates :: Pictures from Cho Cheng, Max Azria, and Tibi (Backstage!)

Cho Cheng blazer with tutu - a Ralph Lauren meets Harajuku

Cho Cheng gown

Make-up time backstage at Tibi

So many photographers - catcalling Tanya Dziahileva?

Mmm. Hand muffs.

Yellow is in.

Dress embellished with a yellow belt


  1. I see! That is cool. Will use for sure.

    In other comments, hmm... yellow's in huh? I have this bright, really bright yellow dress my madre got me that I have been very afraid to actually wear. This is a little encouragement. Thanks Fiona!

  2. I encourage you tto get tipsy more often because that is AMAZING you had the balls to go backstage dude!!!!

    What I want to know is if you can tell/remember what the models are eating??!? It looks like french fries!!? Can't be no? Do you remember!?? Very curious, tell me if you can!!... =P

  3. I was thinking the same thing.. it looks like they were eating chips or something!