It's a Glamorous Life :: QARC event coverage

Raymond Hajduk and Stephanie Ralli- members of the QARC

It was a night full of Glamour at CAL’s Alumni House as the Queer Alliance & Resource Center held a social event that included music, delicious pastries, and sparkling apple cider. The event began at 9:00 p.m. Prior to the event’s commencement, the men from the SEO fraternity house held the official Pre-Party. As soon as guests started arriving, BARE was there, ready to capture the red carpet looks. People dressed up and looked fabulous, just like the celebrities will do this Sunday for the Oscars. Some of the guests I talked to were wearing vintage dresses, and dresses purchased in San Francisco’s Castro District. All in all, the event was a lovely evening and was enjoyed by all!

Catherine Lee

Jonathan Deniol Rodriguez
BARE Managing Editor


  1. Wow, some of these boys and girls are so dashing! Love some of the outfits, seems like this was really fun. Love how there was actually a red carpet. Cute.

  2. No picture of Berkeley's own DJ Tasty Cheasty?

  3. Sorry! The picture of DJ Tasty Cheasty didn't turn out great (much to the photographer's fault)!

  4. Thanks for capturing our special evening!