Lily is Alright, Still

Here at BARE, not only do we love fashion, but we love music too! One of my favorite artists, Lily Allen, released the follow up to her debut album “It’s Alright, Still” with her sophomore album, “It’s Not Me, It’s You” Tuesday, and I must say… I LOVE IT! Allen, who gained popularity over her Myspace page, delivers a wide variety of tunes with catchy beats and insightful lyrics about materialism, love, and even our old president. When she first hit the scene, she was the girl in vintage style dresses paired with sneakers and bold accessories. If anyone could pull it off, it was Lily. Recently, she’s shown a change in style, but has managed to maintain an element of originality. In her new music video for The Fear, Lily wears a dress from PPQs Spring 2009 collection paired with YSL tribute pumps. Allen’s new look has landed her a plethora of interviews, magazine covers, and editorial spreads.

She was Nylon Magazine’s December/January cover girl where she rocked clothes by legendary Parisian designer Sonia Rykiel and Stella McCartney. She is also on the cover of Spin Magazine which shows Allen in an interesting get up. The most alluring of her recent editorials can be found within Interview Magazine’s February issue where Lily is photographed in Louis Vuitton garments. The 6 page spread on Allen, features four beautiful images and an interview with the singer. With a new sound, the 23 year old British songstress kicks off her Converse shoes and exchanges her quirky dresses for a more sophisticated look and is poised to make an impact in America.

Jonathan Rodriguez
BARE Managing Editor


  1. Yep the album is great! She's playing at the Warfield very soon too, not sure of the date