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Make a note on your calendar, the green revolution is coming to Berkeley this month with the Cal Recreational Sports-hosted PLAYgreen Festival. This program – the first of its kind in the city – aims to inform and enlighten Berkeley students on the relevance and importance of leading a green life.

Slated for Friday, February 20, 2009 at the Martin Luther King, Jr. student union building, PLAYgreen looks to incorporate every aspect of campus life into one eco-friendly extravaganza. Even fashion groups on campus like BARE Magazine and
FAST have been invited to participate. There will be a fashion runway show, an organic art gallery, food tasting hosted by eight local Berkeley restaurants, short ‘how-to’ demonstrations, and various interactive exhibition stands set up by sponsors – and it’s all free!

BARE's Ryan Francisca met up with the Cal Recreational Sports Center marketing manager Joe Watz and assistant marketing manager Amy Golladay to learn more about PLAYgreen and what it has to offer our readers.

BARE: Why is the PLAYgreen Festival important?

Amy Golladay: Playgreen is important because we are bringing this idea [of eco-friendly living] to a large group of students and showing them what they can incorporate in their lifestyle. I think there is a lot of great research going on here at Berkeley and this just allows everyone to be a part of it.

BARE: Being a manager at the RSF, of what significance is it to you that Cal Recreational Sports is hosting this event?

Joe Watz: When we first thought about this, we wanted to tie in our core mission of service to the students with what we do best which is wellness, fitness and re-creative sports. So what we did in essence was take our core mission of service to the students and make it green in order to motivate and educate them on how to live, work, and play green.

BARE: Do you think that green awareness is at a place where it can grow substantially in the nearest future?

AG: Of course I think it will. With the current economy and current situation of things, I think old business models will gain the triple bottom line and these business practices that were more of a niche are going to become more fundamental to the businesses themselves and therefore give way to greener means.

JW: As a society we are always looking to evolve. The world we lived in six years ago or even six days ago is not the same as the world we live in today. Therefore things are always changing and I believe the green revolution is here to stay and we are determined to be one of the frontrunners.

BARE: Why is it important for fashion to be included in this event?

JW: Fashion is a part of our life. With Cal students especially I feel that fashion is a statement of who we are. What we were trying to do here is bring in two student fashion groups - BARE and FAST - who understand that fashion can be a combination of creative reuse and creating one’s own designs from eco-friendly material, in essence maintaining your style and sustaining the environment. What fascinates us with BARE and FAST is that they are fashion groups that understand that fashion is a lot more than just a shirt on your back, it’s a movement, and so we decided to jump on their bandwagon and let them educate us and the masses on how to incorporate fashion into a green lifestyle.

BARE: This event is the first of its kind at Berkeley. Why now?

JW: I believe what President Obama said, “our time is now,” and I really think the time is now. We have had tremendous success working with various student and campus groups and also the community, developing a winning model for Caltopia. We then sat down with a bunch of student leaders and campus groups and said, 'Here is our idea.’ One of the main reasons we are doing this is because we feel that the green movement is here to stay and that we want to be involved in it. There is also not one campus, or one university that is willing to bring students, staff, and everyone under on roof, in an effort to promote “greenness” and also have fun doing it so we decided to take the initiative.

BARE: Last question, are you fashion minded people?

AG: (laughs) I like taking a look around and seeing what’s in or out, but I like to be true to myself, and my style, which is a little less than that of a runway trendsetter. (Laughs)

JW: Well, I have my work fashion and my non-work fashion. (laughs)

So make a note on your diary, the green revolution comes to UC Berkeley on February 20th. For more information visit:

Ryan Francisca 
BARE reporter

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