Look what yumminess we found

Tricia came across this treat. Darn that they're located in Florida!

A great segue though for the upcoming delectibility that will be at BARE's fourth issue launch party. These Chanel-inspired cupcakes are from Cupcakes Nouveau in Coral Gables; BARE's upcoming launch party treats are cupcakes from Emeryville. Alas, I doubt they'll be fashion inspired, but they will be tasty! Teacake is donating cupcake yumminess for us. Thank you Teacake! We'll be sure to take pictures.


  1. genius
    so delicious looking... <3

  2. I can't believe these, they must have taken so long to make! So detailed, even the bristles on those brushes!

    But I heard sometimes these highly decorated cake things actually taste gross... any insights? =P

  3. they make such gorgeous cupcakes there! I could eat them all up! Thank goodness they are on Ponce de Leon, close to our office, so I can get my fix!