Near the end of Fashion Week Updates :: Vivienne Tam and Mackage

Yesterday, I only had two shows in the evening - Vivienne Tam and Mackage and spent the day wandering SoHo and braving the rain-snow! But even that was a step up from Connie who unfortunately has lost her voice and spent around 16 hours sleeping yesterday.

Vivienne Tam's collection had interesting Chinese calligraphy (at least I think it was Chinese) detailing and cutouts on her dresses. There was one dark green leather dress with cutouts all down the front that I found quite interesting. Afterwards, I went to the Mackage show at the tents. Mackage does mostly outerwear so it was basically a presentation of a bunch of long coats and leather spats. The clothes were decent but my favorite parts were the pumped up loud music and the fact that
Sessilee Lopez walked.

As per Connie's recommendation, we went and ate dessert at
Momofuku and then finished off the night with Confessions of a Shopaholic. Connie's enthusiasm for the movie should be evidence enough of how bad it was (the girl's favorite movie is Notting Hill, for heaven's sake). Bad acting, mediocre clothes, cute guy, good music.

Today, we were locked in because we don't have keys to the apartment and can't lock it from the inside, so Connie and I spent the majority of the day watching Hulu shows and catching up on fashion gossip. Tomorrow, I only have
Rad Hourani so I'll keep you updated on that.

Chinese Calligraphy-inspired cut out dresses from Vivienne Tam

You can definitely see the Oriental influence in Tam's designs

Sessillee Lopez at Mackage

At Mackage- all white? 

Or, all black?

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  1. The Tam dresses are beautiful I think. I like how the oriental influence is not overpowering. It is subtle and beautifully added to enhance the dresses aesthetic.