Obedient Sons & Daughters :: Gone but Not Forgotten

The fashion world thought they had said their goodbyes to Obedient Sons & Daughters, but they were mistaken. Obedient Sons & Daughters, began as Obedient Sons, launched in 2002. The brand didn’t reach its full name until 2007 when a womenswear line was introduced. Since then, Obedient Sons & Daughters has continually produced designs for both men and women.

For Swaim and Christina Hutson, husband-wife design team will be seeing the closing curtains for the brand. The brand’s sudden end is due to its lack of sufficient financial support to sustain the brand’s growth. But, no worries Obedient Sons & Daughter’s followers, the show isn’t over for the husband-wife design team. Swaim and Christina Hutson will be introducing a new line, Huston, during Fashion Week on February 14.

We at BARE will keep you informed with the new line Huston soon after their debut!

Picture courtesy of sheknowsbest.com

Ellen Wang
BARE Reporter


  1. This is horrible news.

    Maybe someone would like to enlighten me, but isn't starting up a whole new company much more tedious than trying to revive an old one (especially with the developed brand idea)??

  2. http://nymag.com/daily/fashion/2009/02/halston_trades_fashion_show_fo.html

    lol. this story just broke.