PLAYgreen Festival :: Event Coverage

The first PLAYgreen festival was a huge success. A lot of people came out today and enjoyed the eco-inspired festivities. BARE staffers had a chance to meet a lot of amazing people. Here were a few of the guys and gals we met today, posing with past issues of BARE...

The ever-adorable Krystie and Elena, BARE magazine staff members, working the BARE table

Christine hard at work on "reconning" shirts

Christine ran demos at the BARE table straight from 10 am to 4 pm. Her work was such a hit that we got so many requests to start showing how to do DIY's (do-it-yourself projects) like t-shirt recons (that's "reconstructions," for those who don't yet get the DIY lingo) on the BARE blog!

The carrots were a nice touch.

Tomoko Tsuchiya, owner-designer of Momoca, stopped by the BARE magazine table. We were delighted to meet Tomoko finally!

Manager of Buffalo Exchange. We cannot get enough of those boots! They are tres chic; we are loving the military, Napoleonesque style.

The lovely Jocelyn (right) and friend pose with past copies of BARE

Jocelyn not only designs for FAST shows, but also is a member of BEACN, one of the main sponsors and organizers of the PLAYgreen event. She got BARE involved with the Festival and we couldn't have been more excited to be there!

Stay tuned for the newest issue, i4, to be launched late next week!

Cindy Lu
BARE photographer

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