Politikal Fashion Show

When: Friday, March 6
Time: 7PM, doors open at 6PM
Where: Multicultural Center
Admission: Presale $7, $8-10 at the door

"This is the first time that I’ve seen people that look like my mother, my sister, and my cousins become victims of sex trafficking"
-Princess Manuel, UC Berkeley GABNet/Co-Director of Politikal Fashion Show

20 million women and children. Imagine about 20% of the American population- that's the number of women and children in the Philippines and throughout Southeast Asia that have been trafficked into the global sex trade. The global sex trade is a massive and dark underground industry that has plagued the lives of many particularly Pilipino young women. The most shocking aspect of this issue is the fact that these women aren't necessarily forced. Ana Espanola, one of the directors of the event, states that even these women are not forced,"in a way, they are because there is no other means to escape poverty except to put yourself on the Internet and sell your body".

These pertinent issues are the causes of empowering organizations such as Gabriela Network, or
GABNet -a Pilipino organization that encourages women and raises awareness. Berkeley's chapter of GABNet will be throwing a fashion show/concert to help raise awareness about sex trafficking in the Philippines and in Southeast Asia in general. GABNet's Purple Rose Campaign in particular is starting a massive movement in hopes to raise awareness about the evil that occurs almost everyday.

Please come support the Purple Rose Campaign and its efforts to help spread the word about this industry. In addition to the politically-minded fashion, there will be amazing performances by
Joi Barrios and Ruby from Ill-literacy. All proceeds and donations will go to the campaign.

Order tickets online today by emailing
berkeleyunit.sfbayarea@gabnet.org or in person on Sproul

Patricia Kim
PR Director

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