Put some color in your life

As the ominous winter clouds begin to block out the sunshine, trudging cross campus to class while braving the elements becomes an even more depressing process. Darkness falls over the Berkeley campus- in the form of *GASP* generic winter coats-but never fear, we at BARE reassure you that it doesn't have to! Indeed, many students may spend winter bundled in layers of black, but adding a pop of color here or there can make you feel like you're walkin on sunshine... even if you can't actually see it.

Don't worry we're not suggesting that anyone bust out a bright yellow poncho, umbrella and matching rain boots and tap dance to class, but investing in a few standout acessories in vibrant colors can make the winter months a little less boring.

A bright northface will have all your friends yelling "BABY GOT BACK...pack" but a sturdy leather bag from Urban Outfitters will serve the same purpose and probably earn you less Sir Mix-A-Lot references. A brightly colored American Apparel circle scarf will keep you warm and can be worn as a dress should the clouds burn off. (the likelihood of this coming in handy is slim to none, but it's a pretty cool fact to spit if someone compliments your outfit) Why not channel your inner Blair Waldorf and sport some opaque tights with a long black coat, or wear a bright flower headband to prevent wet-weather frizzy hair? And should you find yourself lusting after a brightly colored acessory-any brightly colored accessory- then Doc Martens in crayola brights are for you.

Working a little color into one's winter wardrobe can have such... well... colorful results, so go ahead this winter and paint the town red- or orange, or yellow or green or blue or... well you get the idea.

Collage by Grace Tseng

Julia Heidelman
BARE Reporter

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