Shades like no other :: melding of music and fashion

What happens when Vinyl LP records meet eyewear? You get
Tipton Eyewear’s Vinylize, the melding of two cultures: music and fashion. Zachary Tipton Milaskey, the Hungarian-based designer behind Vinylize, created an eyewear like no other. With the dwindling vinyl record supply, don’t worry if you want a pair of Vinylize! Milaskey has partnered with emerging musicians to get their vinyl records pressed into his eyewear.

If you’re more of a movie buff than a music fan, Tipton Eyewear has Cinematique. Movie film rolls after 1989 are selected carefully for contrast and visibility to highlight the eyewear temple bar. If you were planning on buying designer frames, why not wear something different?

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Ellen Wang
BARE Reporter

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