Snapping shots on a sunny sunday

We were working hard all morning on doing assignments for BARE's issue #5.

Rucha working hard. Calling and emailing at the same time... we have great multi-taskers here at BARE. =P

But, Jonathan Deniol, BARE's new Managing Editor, and I, Doreen, decided to take a break and go out to find some great Berkeley street style. Here is what, and who, we found on this gorgeous sunny Sunday:

We first ran into Anh Hoang, a third-year. We loved the red/orange of the skateboard with her yellow plaid and green short-sleeve throw-on.

Apparently, it's graduation time for UC Berkeley Haas MBA students. Nezha was celebrating a graduation today.

Jenna, third-year, in a vintage pink dress from Mars on Telegraph, with cute boy Stephan.

Cal first-year Lauren Seymour, with her friend Brooke. We spotted that friendly plaid from across the block! And, whoever comes up with the best caption for that lady in the horizontal stripes wins a prize.

Dashiell Manley, yes, we couldn't help but include his full name here. Dashiell Manley, visiting family in Berkeley today.


  1. wait, this is the best berkeley street style has to offer? come on.

  2. I dunno, I actually quite like it! It shows how diverse Berkeley fashions are!