ANTM Casting Call in San Francisco

The latest news is that our beloved reality television show - America’s Next Top Model is casting hobbits for its thirteenth season run. Hobbits, as in 5'7 and under! So for those of you who (like me) fall short of the typical runway model height and are Tyra-obsessed, want to meet hot wannabe models, or just have an unwavering longing to be a reality television star, brace yourselves, for there is hope. The next Kate Moss may well be amongst us…

While the careers of previous ANTM winners offer little reassurance for whether an under 5'7 model will truly make it in the dog-eat-dog (or don’t eat) world of modeling, it sure as heck will be entertaining to watch Tyra train some "shorties". As disappointing as it is to acknowledge that the show has failed to really produce “top” models and launch careers, it has nevertheless succeeded (albeit unintentionally) in entertaining loyal fans.

Casting for the 13th season began this past Saturday in Miami and (terribly sorry for the short notice) but the ANTM casting team will be arriving in San Francisco tomorrow, March 3rd to seek out beautiful, talented hobbits. Check out the
CW website for open call dates and locations.

Renee Chen
BARE Reporter

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