BareTV has finally been launched!!

BARE magazine gets to attend such amazing events for fashion, style, culture, and lifestyle all around campus at Cal, so why not start to bring that content via video? The BARE magazine staff is excited to debut the first episode of BARE TV! BARE TV goes behind-the-scenes at Gabriela Network's Annual Political Fashion Show. Enjoy!

Thank you Nastia (BARE TV's lovely host) and Ryan (BARE TV's editor) for the lovely coverage. Nice work!

Stay tuned for future episodes!


  1. This is awesome coverage!! I missed the event but feel like I practically attended! Nice that you included all those stats, plus the fashion!

  2. It's entitled GABRIELA Network (one L). or GABNet for short.

    Good job!

  3. Bravo y brava!!!

  4. Fantastic! Excellent! Impressive! I learned something too.