Beauty & Attitude

Amidst the darling little boutiques that line Vine Street in North Berkeley is Beauty & Attitude, a lingerie and bare necessities boutique with attitude (as its name so suggests). Its “attitude” however, takes on that of the gentle, lovely, woman type. Think 1940s pin-up girl. The boutique carries gently laced bras and panties in black, white and pastel colors, silk nightgowns, basic cotton tanks, swimwear and more.

But wait, there’s more! They also carry Spanx! Those amazing tights that create a shapelier and fuller bottom when yours is lacking in those departments – I should know, I happen to be the owner of an inadequate bum.

Be sure to check out their enchanting little shop at 2116 Vine Street in Berkeley (located half a block away from Cheeseboard) for a fine afternoon of delectable bare-necessities-shopping and scrumptious pizza-eating.

Renee Chen
BARE Reporter

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  1. Ah! I didn't know they carry Spanx! Renee! Can you comment and tell more about them - like how expensive are they, do they really work, and like how many pairs to get or something? I don't really know anything about them, I guess I could go there and ask...

    Anyway, I'll check the comments agin later, PLEASE REPLY!! =)