A bottomless closet :: yes, it is possible!

Girls, you know how you share clothes with friends? I have been in situations when there is nothing more to share, I mean only so many friends are your size. Plus, the your closet doesn't help, mixing and matching what you have either doesn't work or gets b-o-r-i-n-g . So what do you do? Well, rent your clothes because now you can! Yes, rent your clothes as you would with books.

Shaye La McKenney runs a rental boutique: 
380 Guerrero St (between 15th St & 16th St)
San Francisco, CA 
If you have questions here's their number: (415) 558-9841.

She let you borrow clothes, here's how it works ladies: Clothes can be rented for 10% of their retail price per night. So, you spot a lovely silk dress you absolutely adore for $160, well it costs you $16 to wear that love out! Be nice and take care of the rental items, if not you'll be charged full price or a $25 cleaning fee to get it cleaned. 

Featuring... Sensual Sundays

"Senses oriented woman’s only retreat, dedicated to creativity, sensuality, movement, femininity, community...

Come and join us for tea and cookies to review and sign up for our upcoming workshops, events and more in our women’s only space.

There will also be a clothing swap; feel free, but not obligated to bring something to trade every Sunday  from 6.00p.m. -9.00p.m."

Information retrieved from Daily Candy

BARE Events Director