CalSERVE releases candidates

CalSERVE, another main political party at UC Berkeley, released its slate for the ASUC elections coming up in a few weeks! As before, voting is always in vogue, so we here at BARE suggest you do April 7-9; we will have links up on the BARE blog for how you can vote when the dates comes around.

We are excited to see a familiar face again! Kifah Shah, who is running for Executive VP, modeled in BARE's fourth issue; she showed off her Little Black Dress in the "Back of the Closet" section!

We're looking forward to bringing BARE readers more about the candidates and parties as the election season continues! But in the meantime, many campaign launch parties are kicking off today; BARE will be at many of them, so keep a look out on the BARE blog for fashions from the festivities and information on candidates' platforms!

Doreen Bloch
BARE magazine, Founding Editor


  1. I'm excited to see this slate has so much experience within the ASUC behind it

  2. I'm sad to see a slate that is so corruptt and full of lies and part of a party that stole $25,000 of my student fees.

  3. couldn't have said it better myself. Calserve worked behind the scenes to ensure they could waste student money for some bullshit anti-israel vendetta.

  4. stop hating, a recall is not made by a political party, it's made by students. you have to be an idiot to follow the lies you all do. calserve did not initiate anything, students did. is that hard to get through your thick heads?