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The 1960s in Berkeley were an exciting time. FSM’s walls document the movement that swept through our college town making it a landmark of Free Speech, long hair, tie dye, and Birkenstocks. While the 60s have come and gone, Berkeley’s residents keep the spirit of the decade alive. Of course, it’s 2009 and Berkeley-ans are on the cutting edge, but they still speak out on issues they believe in, use our beloved AC transit, and eat organic. The struggle is to maintain these sustainable goals in the 21st century.

Enter [me] and goji, custom cereal and granola featured in Glamour and Self magazine. What’s more summer-of-love than granola? What’s more new millennium than customization? Answer: Nothing! As [me] and goji’s website claims “we collect the healthiest foods from around the world and you fuse them in combinations that satisfy your unique tastes and nutritional needs right down to the last chia seed.” Whenever possible, their products are certified organic foods and the boxes the cereal comes in are 100% post consumer waste.

But beyond the sensible green tag which you can purchase to offset the CO2 emissions produced from creating and delivering your product, is high quality “cereal couture” as the makers call it. There are 30+ ingredients to choose from, everything from “samurai wheat” to “choco cranberries”. And the base cereals used are low calorie, so you don’t have to worry about your personalized cereal packing on the pounds. [me] and goji emphasizes that everyone can benefit from their cereals – Sunday morning cartoon connoisseurs, serious athletes, and fashionistas alike. They hope to keep customers coming back for more, and promise that they are
sincerealy yours.

Picture courtesy of sustainableisgood.

Julia Heidelman
BARE Reporter

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  1. wow! this is gr8! i am super stoked to get me some of this cereal- eating healthy is supposed to clear up acne and keep the figure looking slim- plus i'm always looking for ways to reduce my carbon footprint in my daily life paying $30 for a bowl of cereal is the perfect plan! i wonder if i can order it online and have it shipped to minnesota? we might not be couture or classy enough though...

    to the author of this spectacular article- thrilling subject, great journalistic skills, and clever use of time-space comparisons. you're going places, honey.