CLAM Release Party Coverage

Our lovely BARE Staffers, from left to right, Andy, Connie, Rucha, Marcus and Nastia at the CLAM launch party to cover the event, and to enjoy a relaxed artsy Monday evening.

Monday night the Cal Literature and Arts Magazine celebrated the release of their Fall 2008 issue in the Heller Lounge, where students gathered to enjoy refreshments, view artwork featured in the magazine, and listen to poetry and music by Cal students and members of the community. 

Musical acts included Der Baum, a band with quirky, Balkan Gypsy-esque melodies appropriate for late-night carousals, and Architeuthis, an instrumental duo that cleverly juxtaposes classical piano with contemporary drum beats. 

CLAM Contributors Sarah Rothberg, Anna Reeser, and Sharon Coleman, as well as Abe Becker and Isaac Miller from CalSlam, shared their poetry, some new and some featured in the magazine. The poets touched on some personal issues, ranging from love to the plight of the working class. One of the most touching works read that night was a poem by Abe Becker about a relationship he had with a previously abused woman who expected him to disrespect her like other men had. Becker ironically compares his former lover to the chalk outline of a body in a crime scene and discusses how her low self-esteem changed his views on intimacy. His honest, passionate reading of the poem gave a fresh perspective on the sometimes twisted distinction between love and sex that often confounds relationships. 

Sharon Coleman

Abe Becker 

Issac Miller

Artwork displayed at the party included a painting called “The Almost Burned” by Anna Reeser, which illustrates her poem about fleeting summer romance, “Skins,” from the Fall 2008 issue of CLAM. Other artwork included a new painting not featured in the magazine by CLAM contributor Rachel Wexler titled “Passport,” a piece about the clash between modern and traditional values. 

Anna Reeser

Rachel Wexler

CLAM will be distributing the Fall 2008 issue throughout the semester for $3, which features student work as well as interviews with Berkeley poet Andy Grace and performance artist Lydia Greer. To secure a copy, you can send an email to If you are interested in contributing writing or artwork to CLAM's Spring 2009 issue, be sure to email your submission to by April 6 and check out the CLAM website for more information.

Nastia Voynovskaya
BARE Staffer


  1. I know this is a very random comment, but the venue is called Heller Lounge, not Heller Ballroom! :)

  2. So glad you guys could come by!

    Love from CLAM