DSquared2 :: for Berkeley girls-on-the-go

As the runway shows for fall 2009 continue to roll out, one of the standouts (and the most practical) is the DSquared2 collection. Sending models down the runway with venti Starbucks lattes and the latest tabloids in hand, design duo Dan and Dean Caten, have brought a sense of humor to the intertwined worlds of high fashion and “LA chicks.” Could the recent collaboration with Britney Spears on her “Circus” tour costumes have inspired these designing brothers to choose this theme of “girls interrupted”? Regardless, it works! Bright-colored, intricate evening gowns paired with oversized jackets and sunglasses are the perfect combination of what the designers call the “return of the casual mixed with high, high end [pieces].” The twins wanted this collection to depict the girl who “didn’t really think about what she’s putting on.” Outfits involving black cocktail dresses, plaid-lined blazers, button-down blouses, orange leather gloves, and metallic leopard-print ankle boots capture this quirkiness perfectly. The DSquared2 collection is a great inspiration for the Berkeley girl-on-the-go. Just pick out key pieces while shopping and a great outfit will be easy to throw together so you can grab your latte and be fashionable all day!

Check out the full collection at style.com

Jordan Silver
BARE Reporter


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