Free Portraits at RSF on Wednesday!

Wanna be on top? Do friends tag you in facebook photos as “Blue Steel”? Have you been approached by talent scouts asking you to be a model? If so, maybe you should talk to Tyra Banks, but if not, then go to the RSF on March 4th from 4-8 to have your picture taken and featured in the PhotoBooth Project.

Everyone’s seen the banners by VLSB and the installment in front of Dwinelle, with pictures of their fellow students, faculty members, and alumni. We’ve all thought to ourselves “Shoot! I love Berkeley! I want to have a banner of my face in front of Dwinelle!” well, now is your chance to realize your dreams: all gym members are invited to pose for a picture taken by SF photographer Christopher Irion, and write a brief statement explaining why they love Berkeley.

These portraits aim to capture Cal’s diversity and emphasize its impact on the world in efforts to raise funds for the Campaign for Berkeley. The Campaign hopes to raise $3 billion by June 30, 2013 by reaching out to the entire Berkeley community and encouraging us to say “Thanks to Berkeley” and donate whatever we can. So take your beautiful selves and your most fashion-forward Cal gear to the gym on Wednesday and say cheese for a cause.

Julia Heidelman
BARE Reporter

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