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Japan Fashion Week began in Tokyo and it's been pure madness, for me, a reporter who speaks no Japanese (nor reads/writes it) trying to navigate my way around the city in four inch heels with a Marc Jacobs bag full of stuff! But I love it. After confirming that I am indeed with the press and NOT a model I was escorted to the right people and thus it begun.

Miraculously I made it to all of the shows I was invited to, and I was on time. If only I could have gone to Ne-net too. None of the shows started on time--fifteen minutes late give or take, not as bad as NY Fashion Week (Marc Jacobs has been known to hold a show up for a half hour). Japan is pretty punctual. Fashion Week kicked off with
Motonari Ono, whose mixed silhouettes and subdued colors were as mellow as the Indie Rock-like audio backdrop to the show.

While many of the designers said that they wanted to bring a dose of creativity to their designs, they bored me with their colors. Of all the shows I saw,
Theatre Products and mintdesigns were my favorites, because they pushed the envelope with mixes of colors, shapes and patterns. Using a combination of real people--from an old grandmother type to an elementary schoolgirl--Theatre Products took it back to the future with modernized 60s ensembles.

I can't wait to see what tomorrow has in store as I have four shows lined up and perhaps even a fifth. I'm totally missing a party right now because I'm spent, but JFW is worth the swollen feet.

Motonari Ono is a well known Japanese designer who opened fashion week on Monday at Harajuku Quest Hall with a line full of very feminine cuts but void of much color. His models wore mullets and so did he:

Motonari Ono at the garcinshinois show at Belle Epoque COllege of Beauty in Tokyo

Motonari Ono and me at the same show

Photo from the garconshinois show....it was a mix of men's wear, women's wear and they even had little kids in the show, wearing cute outfits like the older models. Overall the line was very unimpressive.

Shalwah Evans
BARE Mentor

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  1. Cool! And... more pictures please! Can't believe you went all the way around the world for a fashion week! So incredible.