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While John and I can agree on the overuse of black, have mutual love for Christopher Kane and chartreuse, and appreciate a good rouche, there’s not much else about fashion we can agree on. John believes that fashion should be reminiscent of tradition while bringing in modern cuts, trims, and details to appeal to the mass market. Meanwhile, Fiona appreciates classic cuts but is generally more drawn towards dramatic structure, bold patterns and innovative shapes and draping. Generally, the weirder and gaudier, the better. However we have put aside our differences (rather, collaborated) to bring you the best of London Fashion Week. LFW is like the playground of the fashion world. Attracting a crowd of fashion enthusiasts drawn towards novelty and creativity, London Fashion Week is the week de la crème of innovative and experimental fashion designers. We were collectively most impressed by the following:

Christopher Kane

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Inspired by stripes on a blank TV screen, Christopher Kane dramatically replaced the colorful palette from last season with experimental, striped structures. We loved the sheer cream layers over black stripes (or is it sheer black layers over cream?) and his exploration of femininity. (John’s note: It’s as if Chris opened up his fifth grade sketchbook and took inspiration from the overlapping doodles).

Fashion East

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The apparent clash in Fashion East of what seemed to be multiple collections works for an array of women’s attitudes. Although the Fashion East woman remains a bit vague, we are enticed by the complexity and the inspiration behind each look of the trio designers. We enjoy the dramatic asymmetry, the cartoon-like colors and liquid menswear that showcase their individuality.

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Inspired by geology, Josh Goots brings us classic minimalism in black, white and neutral colorblock. Although some criticized the redundancy of his pieces, we feel he reminds us that cut and fine tailoring are just as important as the color we choose. He prepared his audience for a dramatic ending with both splatter paint prints on structured outfits. Well done!

Peter Pilotto

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A veteran favorite, Peter Pilotto once again explores and creates prints – this time “stripes derived from digital manipulation of photos of fur and reptile skin” ( Seamless color transitions are accompanied by expert draping, updated silhouettes and chunky embroidery. Words can do no justice, and we suggest you sit back and allow the colors and patterns to speak to you.

Fiona Mehta & John Kim
BARE Trend Journalists

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  1. Love the Josh Goot work a lot. Very cool to be inspired by geology and you can definitely see it there in the garments. Really unique and it turned out really beautifully I think!