A model among us :: Lauren Currie

Since well-traveled and striking are both apt adjectives for model Lauren Currie, one wouldn’t think that good-humored and laid back would be such good ones too. Though Lauren already has a promising modeling career and has even landed the cover of Societe magazine, she remains levelheaded and easy going. “I don’t take myself too seriously. You really can’t or else you become Zoolander. I do a good blue steel though.”

Lauren’s career began in her early teens when she was approached in a shopping mall in Toronto, her hometown. Though that turned out to be a scam, it caused her to start considering modeling as an actual career and she eventually found a real agency in Brazil. However, it wasn’t all smooth sailing from there. “The Ford agency in Brazil told me that I wasn’t the girl next door. And I was like ‘I live next door to somebody!’”

This might have been enough discouragement to stop some aspiring models in their tracks, but Lauren believes in having a thick skin and not taking criticism personally. A good sense of self is also important in such a harsh industry- a sense of self she obtained during her extensive world travels. Since finding an agency, she’s lived in such cities as Paris, Sao Paolo, Buenos Aires, Cordova, and now the Bay Area for both modeling and studying. Her widespread traveling, especially to Brazil and France, has influenced her personal style but for the most part Lauren says she wears whatever she wants to, which usually gravitates toward 80s wear. “People are always saying ‘The 80s called and they want their clothes back.’”

Lauren, a third-year Latin American Studies major, still models during the school year; however, she has cut back on traveling back and forth internationally and now mainly sticks with local opportunities as a way to balance school work with her professional work. If balancing a thriving modeling career and a school schedule isn’t enough, Lauren also works as a DJ at a club in South Bay once a week. If she hadn’t taken on modeling as an occupation, she would have taken up DJ-ing or engineering as a profession. For now, she is very content being a model.

Even though the long hours of photo shoots and fashion shows can be taxing, Lauren keeps a rational outlook on them. “I have fun with both or else I really wouldn’t do it.” She remains good-natured about the obstacles and trials in the modeling world, while maintaining the importance of remaining professional, treating it like any other job where you have to recognize that everyone involved in a photo shoot or show is working hard too.

She also applies this sense of professional to her advice to aspiring models. “You cannot be sensitive. You have to take criticism from a business perspective. It’s not about being attractive either, it’s about finding the right market. You just need to keep trying.” On the more logistical side she said it’s helpful to practice poses and to “know a little bit about photography as well,” which can help in understanding how one’s body looks to a photographer.
While Lauren loves living in the Bay Area and especially enjoys her current residence on Treasure Island, with its great views and tranquil atmosphere, she’d ideally like to continue her modeling career in Brazil.

Black bra with feathers ($79 by aubade, unabused); rest are model's own

Gina Novotchin, Make-up artist
Catherine Lee, Photographer
Nastia Voynovskaya, Stylist
Fiona Mehta, Stylist

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