A New Gallery in Town

A new, hip and young art gallery is just what we need after a long period of rainy days and endless exams. Located on Bancroft near Shattuck, Subterranean Art House is here to uplift our students with a variety of art works and classes. Clair Duplantier, the artistic director of the gallery, studied performing art at NYU and recently moved to the Bay Area. She, along with her partner Nicole, named the gallery ‘Subterranean’ two months ago, because they wanted to have an art gallery for the locals and to have unknown artists “come out from underground” and show their work to the community.

Every Sunday, the gallery has trunk shows in which local artists sell their work. Clair also offers performing art classes. One I found particular interesting is a Japanese dance called
Butoh. The class is taught by two performers who learned their moves directly from the developer of Butoh.

Besides the works it hosts, the gallery itself is somewhat “Subterranean”. It has an underground-show-space in which an exhibit by Japanese artist Yukako Ezoe will be showcast in May. Currently the space is not open to public, but surely it will soon be a space that houses infinite creativity.

We couldn’t help asking Clair who her favorite fashion designer and style was. She, surprisingly, mentioned that she likes an experimental, unpredictable, and edgy style found in
Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen’s designs. A fan of Westwood and McQueen, why, that’s just another reason to go to the gallery!

If you are interested in submitting artwork or a proposal for an event, please visit the gallery website at www.subterraneanarthouse.org

Andi Bae
BARE Reporter


  1. There's a new gallery open on Bancroft near campus at Telegraph too. Like the name Subterranean. Some of the links don't work in the article though by the way.

  2. Is the new gallery 'Alphonse Berber' ?