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Fashion icons such as Kate Moss can regularly be found looking glamorous in vintage; Julia Roberts recently graced the red carpet in a vintage gown having been lured by its charm and individuality, so why not take the leap yourself and avoid the humiliation of accidently mirroring your best friend's outfit? If you're prepared to put time and effort into scouring for the perfect bargain you're bound to find a few gems.

We decided to visit San Francisco's infamous
Haight Street, famous for it's centrality in the 1960's hippie movement, to see for ourselves what's on offer for the vintage vixen.

The Wasteland holds a vast selection of unique garments for both men and women. Boasting rows of cowboys boots, accessories, leather jackets and gorgeous chunky cardigans, this store has an eye for the timeless; vintage yet satisfying the current demands of fashion.

Static is a slightly smaller store, in size as well grandeur. Despite being in the shadow of some of the more popular stores, the lime green walls and the portrait of Twiggy greeting you as you enter remind you that this still is a shopping experience. 70s sportswear such as retro Adidas tracksuit tops fill the rails as well as a whole range of logo t-shirts ranging from the shameful "Stanford" and "USC Trojans" to the more obscure "Piedmont Hills High School" and even the daringly comical "I survived a Caribbean Cruise".

If you're serious about vintage and know your eras head to Held Over. The store is sectioned into specific times, styles and themes such as 'Flapper', '1970's Disco' and '80s Soapstar' ( ...and a few I couldn't quite get my head around!). An extensive ensemble of genuine pieces but perhaps more a venue for fun and experimentation; a treasure chest for a costume party!

We reached the climax of our trip when we entered La Rosa; a gem of a store housing the height of vintage. Walking through the door, we walked into a different time zone. After picking our jaws up off the floor we explored their impressive collection of genuine vintage pieces. With 1950s comedy playing in the background, cases of bow ties and bowler hats, men's silk dressing gowns and even canes, we felt more like tourists than fashion bargain hunters.

Haight Street proved to be the perfect day out; a lesson in fashion and San Francisco history and an avenue for practicing your originality while saving a few pennies!

Laura Speed
BARE Reporter

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  1. I already a few pieces I'd like to add to my closet. San Francisco, here I come!