Street Style :: Harajuku

BARE's mentor Shalwah Evans is currently in Tokyo for Fashion Week, here are some street styles she found while walking around Harajuku- a hip area where youngsters like to chill.

"Men carried bags out here, but not bags like we know it. I mean pull on purses! Louis Vuitton speedy bags, canvas bags, over the shoulder carry-alls.. It's wonderful!"- Shalwah 

"man bag with no stigma"

I would like that bag for myself- ruffles for men

Gossip girl meets rock star

Spotted at Omotesando- an upscale shopping area near Harajuku 


  1. Omg Super cute!!!! Love it all!

  2. This is so cool! I love the man purses... Shalwah, you're so lucky you get to be there!

  3. Omg these fashions are awesome! Damn! I wish I was there!!@!@!!!

  4. God I love this post! The Gossip Girl meets Rockstar photo is awesome, and I love that guy's purse in the second photo, I wonder where he got it? It's a really gorgeous/interesting purse