Teacake Bake Shop :: a little piece of heaven

A couple of weeks ago, the masses picked up their copies of BARE’s fourth issue at Durant Hotel. But a week before that, the BARE staff got together for a release party of our own. We had drinks, Marc Jacob’s documentary playing, our own color copies fresh off the printer, and best of all Teacake cupcakes to finish off the night.

Photo courtesy of Teacake Bake shop

If any of you have been to Emeryville, the most notable store might as well be Teacake Bake Shop. The days of unsuccessfully baking cupcakes and brownies in the dorms are over, since Teacake offers a variety of fresh baked goods. Their menus are refreshed every day, proving the quality of their sweets. I’m practically salivating as I type this!

Just take the F AC Transit all the way down to Emeryville and you’ll be there in no time. If you haven’t caught onto the cupcake craze yet, there’s nothing stopping you from getting a little piece of heaven. Now the problem is resisting from buying just one.

John Kim
BARE Editor-in-chief


  1. OH MY GOSH! TeAcake it is the best!! I TOTALLY agree!!

  2. so jealous! I want some right now.

  3. my mouth is watering at the memory

  4. The absolute best cupcakes ever!!!