This Monday is Argyle Day!

Typically seen on sweaters and socks, argyle is surfacing more unconventionally in today’s fashions. In the fictional world of Gossip Girl, bad boy Chuck Bass flaunts the pattern in his flamboyant and eccentric attire. As for the runway, the diamond motif appears in an argyle-inspired cardigan by Koi Suwannagate as well as on a cardigan (featuring a mishmash of patterns) in the Marc by Marc Jacobs collection. Taking a modern perspective on 19th century costume, Alexander McQueen embellishes his pre-fall collection with argyle tights. Gucci designer Frida Giannini also plays with argyle in her pre-fall compilation of classic patterns, displaying it in a shiny gold-shimmered dress.

We are able to ask Richard Fletcher, possibly the real-world Chuck Bass (well at least in his taste of pattern), the inspiration behind declaring Argyle Day at USC.

"I wish I could tell you that this was some meticulous, inspired event, but that just would not be true. I love argyle. It's a great pattern. It runs the gamut of clothing for all price ranges, genders, and social groups. I own a few argyle things and, one day, a friend of mine bought an argyle sweater vest and told me in front of a group of friends. We decided that it would be fun if we had an argyle day and we wanted to do it before Spring Break. Long story short, now Monday is Argyle Day. I would love to see my campus full of argyle and perhaps other campuses and cities and nations patterned in argyle as well."

This monday, flaunt your argyle-ness!

Tiffany Wong
BARE Reporter


  1. Wow! I saw so much argyle on campus on Friday that I thought THAT was Argyle Day! Okay, Monday it is I guess! Hmm... not sure I actually own anything argyle, but it's a chance to shop I guess! Didn't realize so many designers had it on their runways!!

  2. This article was helpful. My lil' cuzzin had a thing for argyle and I think it's just adorable. Too bad I am just now finding this on the web, he would've loved to have dressed like Chuck Bass!