Architectural design in shoes

I absolutely love these shoes! Recently we have been seeing a new approach to design: a more geometric, architectural method of design. I quite like this futuristic meets artistic approach. It just proves that designers are not just all about looking pretty, but that they study their angles- just as much as mathematicians and architects do.

Photos via shoelust

Karen Kwok
Blog Editor


  1. those shoes are pretty cool

  2. Main Entry:
    1: the art or science of building ; specifically : the art or practice of designing and building structures and especially habitable ones.

    Sorry these shoes are not architectural. i see no architecture.

    Someone doesn't know terminology in here.
    It's definitely not me, I double check with a dictionary.

  3. The shoes are beautifully designed but I fail to see the architectural influences.

  4. I would say that what is defined as architectural is up to interpretation. I think that if you look at the heel of the shoes, it is like building a structure- building the main foundation of the shoe, even though its not a "habitable" one.

    Thank for your comments though! Much appreciated!

  5. What!? Architecture does not have only one definition. Whoever "Anonymous" is is an idiot! Not to argue over linguistics, but architecture has a few definitions, including "a style and method of design and construction" - which these shoes definitely have a high degree of! - and if you even just think about using the word in the sentence you would know that "architecture" is not just about making buildings... (aka: think "the architecture of a novel"... it just means how things are created and arranged!)

    Shoes can definitely involve architecture, and especially these ones featured! Great job bare.

  6. Testing new methods of how to keep the heel up is architecture in itself. Most are probably unaware of the intense trial and error process of making an unconventional shoe takes. Just like any architectural project, reconstructing the structure of something - whether it be a sofa or a shoe - is a very mathetmatical task.