ASUC Election Results

For those of you who have have been following the elections, the results are in! Student Action has won executive positions! For more info on other positions, visit our twitter page!

Congrats to all candidates of this year's student government election!

Will Smelko wins as ASUC President!
Tu Tran for Executive Vice President.
Dani Haber for External Vice President.
John Tran as Academic Affairs VP.

Check out the BARE TV video of Will and Dani touring their fashionable closets!

The ASUC Senate will be comprised of:

1. Noah Stern, from Student Action
2. Eunice Kwon, from CalSERVE
3. Anish Gala, from UNITE Greek/Student Action
4. Nhu Nhu Nguyen, from UNITE Greek/Student Action
5. Sandra Cohen, from APPLE Engineering/Student Action
6. Jonathan Gaurano, Independent
7. Cynthia Nava, from CalSERVE
8. Christina Oatfield, from Cooperative Movement
9. Sam Lee, from APPLE Engineering/Student Action
10. Minji Kim, from Student Action
11. Chris Franco, Independent
12. Chaney Saephan, from CalSERVE
13. Huda Adem, Independent
14. Rahul Patel, from CalSERVE
15. J.P. Shami, from Student Action
16. Parth Bhatt, from Student Action
17. Lean Deleon, from CalSERVE
18. Emily Carlton, from SQUELCH!
19. Ariel Boone, from CalSERVE
20. Viola Tang, from CalSERVE

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