Berkeley's Next Top Drag Performer: Wanna Be On Top!?

This past Friday, girls displayed prominent facial hair and wore baggy clothing while guys donned wigs and stilettos as they competed for the title of Berkeley’s Next Top Drag Performer. About a dozen acts compiled of both drag kings and queens performed in hopes of claiming the title as well as the prize of a Benefit Cosmetics Party valued at $1500! 

The Foothill Dining Commons was jam-packed with more than three hundred people, many of those dressed in drag, all of whom were cheering on their courageous peers in drag. All of the performances were fabulous, but there could only be one winner. 

Connie Wang, BARE’s very own editorial director and a judge of the competition, also gives the Second Annual BNTDP positive reviews, she says "I SO enjoyed watching each group perform--so much so that I had to keep reminding myself that I needed to keep score instead of just singing along." 

In the end, the group consisting of a faux queen and drag kings, “Wuchang and The Tiny Cocks” won the competition with their medley. Honey Mahogany, Berkeley’s resident drag queen and host of the event said of the performers, “I was just really impressed with the level of talent this year. I thought that last year’s show was really good, but I thought that the performers were much more well-rehearsed and exhibited more commitment this year.” 

Drag performer Kitty Duncan who performed “Coin Operated Boy” by the Dresden Dolls said that it has taken her two days to recover from the excitement of the drag show. The show was exciting indeed so if you missed out this year, keep your eyes open for news of the third annual drag show in 2010. Until then, continue to work it as whatever gender you prefer!

Professional drag queen and host of Berkeley's Next Top Drag Performer, Honey Mahogany lip-synchs Beyonce's "Suga Mama."

Winners of BNTDP, "Wuchang and the Tiny Cocks"

Jordan Silver
BARE Reporter

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