Creative Approach to a Rainy Day

This brilliant umbrella is created by Joons Kim, a Korean designer currently working in Netherlands. Although the umbrella might look rather unpractical, it will still put smile on people’s faces.

Perhaps it'll brighten the otherwise gloomy walk around campus.

Andi Bae
BARE Reporter



  2. Looks about as functional as the umbrellas I've used!

    This looks like a rushed entry, though. Spend a little more time proofreading your work before you include it in a mass e-mailing to your list subscribers, if it's something worth posting.

    Also, the website for designer Joons (of Joon&Jung) has changed, to
    Here is the page for the umbrella:

    Thank you for sharing this unique find. I hope it will be available for purchase soon.

  3. Hi Jae,

    Thank you so much for your feedback. BARE is definitely taking it to heart - we appreciate your readership and support and hope to keep increasing the quality of the BARE blog. Definitely let us know what posts work for you and which ones don't, and we'll be paying much closer attention to the spell checker! Sorry for the occasional mishaps!

    Doreen Bloch
    Founding Editor, Publisher