LA Fashion Week :: B.Son

Following the COA collection, B.Son shows his highly anticipated Fall collection for 2009. Tastefully oversized mock-necks on B.Son’s signature hoodie, rolled up tapered trousers, and draped knits throwback to San Francisco (think bike riding, chilly weather, and the combination of comfort and style) where designer Brandon Scott garters his inspiration. Scott develops the mock-neck hoodie by extending the end of the hood around the front of the neckline. Attached by an exposed zipper, the hood creates a trapezoidal quasi-pocket on the upper chest of the hoodie or runs down the sweater, creating a “swacket,” revealing the mock-neck underneath when unzipped.

Pockets are ever-present in the aforementioned hoodies and the plethora of cardigans, seemingly heavy and oversized double-breasted blazers, and grandpa sweaters with faux shawl collars, colored in cool tones of mostly charcoal gray and black, which assemble the rest of the collection. Utilizing a number of accessories: beanies, circle scarves, mid-sized sporty duffels, and black or mahogany brogues with black laces to complete the outfits, B.Son highlights the current aesthetic and urban trends of the Bay Area.

Backstage, a very down-to-earth Scott reflects upon the dichotomy of how most people think of California and his own perspective, “…When people think West Coast, they think Los Angeles… but San Francisco is part of the West Coast too.” As much as B.Son’s fall collection demonstrates the growth and progress in Scott’s work as a designer, the show simultaneously serves as a platform of representation and pays homage to the culture and lifestyle of what he considers an often overlooked San Francisco.

Here are some signature looks from B.Son's Fall Collection. Pay attention to the design of the neck collar tailored particularly for San Francisco's strong winds...

Photos by Katie Sarna

Seika Iwao
BARE Reporter


  1. Those jackets are wonderful. I would totally consider getting one of those for my boyfriend. Very fashionable, and they seem really high quality and masculine, yet fashiony. Nice balance.

  2. Fashion Week secret after parties @ O Hotel...