Lucky Spot :: Stella McCartney's horse

Photo from Bloomacious

While most equestrians prefer to watch races and ride along pretty trails, this is obviously not good enough for fashion designer Stella McCartney*. Stella’s horse is named Lucky Spot, and is not suitable for the average horse activities because she is made of thousands of Swarovski crystals. Lucky Spot lives in an exhibit in Belsay Hall Castle & Gardens in Northumberland. This is kind of a far trip for us Berkeley students, but for any of you making your way over to the UK any time soon, this is definitely something that is worth seeing. The design for Lucky Spot was designed by McCartney especially for Belsay and was originally placed there in 2004 but has just been brought back to the public in time for Easter.

*It is likely that McCartney has actual horses, not just one made of crystals, but the research would be irrelevant.

Jordan Silver
BARE Reporter


  1. if mccartney's piece was set up for eater, isnt this exhibit over already?

  2. it was set up in time for easter*** but it is still up

  3. It is soooo beautiful!!!!

  4. Amazing! I so want to see this in person:
    When's the exibit live until?