New Gallery in Berkeley

Fashion and art. Two words that are nearly inseparable, blend together yet again seamlessly in various works soon on display at the Alphonse Berber Gallery in Berkeley. In their "You, Me and Everyone We Know" exhibition, the gallery will be featuring the works of two fashion designers who express the knit between the worlds of fashion and of art.

Designer Lubov Rekhviashvili will host a series titled "Sweet CCCP" in which she takes influence from state-enforced uniforms and works life into each piece as if to literally permiate the "fabric of the nation" with the experiences of the individual wearers.

James Anthony, the other featured designer, will have on display his clothing line which features paintings, engravings, illustrations and hand printed photographs from the 18th-20th centuries. Silk-screened images atop each piece, Anthony fuses these various art forms into his men and women's collection creating an impressive collection.

The exhibition will run from April 17- June 6 at the Alphonse Berber Gallery at 2526 Bancroft Way in Berkeley. Come check out some amazing work from new and local artists! BARE will see you there!

Gina Harris
BARE Reporter

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