Stanford Charity Fashion Show

Charity Fashion Show (CFS) is one of the biggest fashion events on the west coast! I was lucky enough to be in contact with the Director of Public Relations, Stephanie Werner, for this event and to ask her a few questions about the event.

1) What is Charity Fashion Show and how did it come about?
CFS put on by Stanford students and features student models as well as garments from more than 30 international designers. This event ran for over a decade as a platform for Asian American designers to promote awareness for various causes within their community. In recent years, Charity Fashion Show has put its efforts toward promoting a sweat-free fashion industry. As the CFS mission expanded even further, and its goals became even more global, Charity Fashion Show became its own organization. Remaining committed to giving back to the community, and to promoting ethnic diversity, CFS not only promotes an increased arts presence on the West Coast, but also ethnic and cultural diversity. This year CFS is the largest fashion show on the West Coast, and remains committed to its original goals and promises to promote multicultural kinship. 

2) How long has this event taken to produce, and how did you guys manage to make it so successful? 
Our two head coordinators, Thom Scher and Wayne Hwang, have been working on this year's production since last May, beginning work almost immediately after the previous year's show. The rest of staff began work last October, and we held auditions for models in early January. Model rehearsals started the week after auditions in January. I would say that part of what's made us so successful has been our dedication to and love of our cause and event. Everyone on staff and all of our models really and truly come together and put in so much effort to make Charity Fashion Show what it is. We have deliberately created an experience of a lifetime and one that everyone loves to be a part of. The complementary talents of our staff and our collective drive have contributing to make this year's show an event to be remembered.

3) How can people become involved with this for future years? Would you recommend it and to who? 
To become involved in the future, please send a resume and/or portfolio to head coordinator Thom Scher at We would love to hear from people who have a passion for the fashion industry and event planning who are dedicated to working hard in pursuit of results. We would also love to hear from any models who have done runway and/or print work before and are interested in contributing to a charity event. Please keep in mind that our models do much more than just walk in our final event - they also participate in promotional events and photoshoots over the course of the year.

4) Where can you buy tickets?
Please visit our website to buy tickets.

Go get your tickets now! This is an amazing opportunities, especially for those interested in fashion!

Karen Kwok
Blog Editor


  1. Whoaaaa, rival schools!!! Cool you're covering this! I can't believe it's the biggest one on the west coast. How much do they get supported by Stanford though...$$$ Pretty cool that BARE's covering it! Is BARE actually going?? If so, I bet it's one of the first instances of fashion culture colliding from Cal and Stanford!!

  2. OH my god they even have their own wikipedia entry,

    DAMN! FAST at Cal has a LOT of catching up to do yo! =(

  3. WOW!

    I want seats! Its seriously the largest on the west coast? Those photos are intense

  4. free strip show!

    Cal covering Stanford = rude.

  5. Wow.

    I enjoy a free strip show has much as the next guy but what are they doing with their arms?

    These "model" seem to expect the weather to be sunny with very high winds.

  6. Haha, I know! Some of these photos are pretty funny - like a little bit trying too hard, ya know? - but I think it's great Cal's BARE is covering Stanford's event! Did you check out their site? I mean it IS the biggest show on the West Coast, why the heck not cover it!??