Wear Today, Gone Tomorrow

My friends, the gods of fashion are on our side. Although the battered economy might be able to build up enough guilt to keep you away from those Louboutins, it won't be getting in the way of you and that Valentino dress you've always dreamed of wearing.

Fashionistas (or "Recessionistas") can rejoice with the emergence of
Wear Today, Gone Tomorrow, a one-of-a-kind clothing rental website that caters to fashionistas of every kind in the United States, allowing them to wear their dream designer dress for however long they like...or however long they can afford to rent it. Much like Bag, Borrow, or Steal, the much-talked about bag lending site that debuted in 2006, Wear Today, Gone Tomorrow (WTGT) offers its clients the opportunity to don designer clothing without having to deal with the full weight of their price tags. WTGT customers are charged only 10% of the item's original price. Dresses by Maurizio Pecoraro, Zac Posen, Vera Wang, and Alberta Ferreti can be rented for about $150-$190 and customers can even parade around in a $5,390.000 Valentino for less than $600.00.

In addition to affordability, WTGT is, perhaps, the most customer friendly lending site around. It features a very easy online ordering service, offers free shipping for orders above $200 and free returns for ALL rented items, and charges rent weekly. Other dress rental services (
ILUS, New York, for example) charges an amount similar to what WTGT charges per week for a 3-day rental. Wear Today, Gone Tomorrow gives their customers enough time to enjoy that Valentino without having to worry about ripping it off and sending it right back after that benefit cocktail (or BARE launch party, which by the way is coming up soon!).

Wear Today, Gone Tomorrow also guarantees that all garments rented are either new or in mint condition. A cleaning fee is included in pricing for all types of clothing to ensure that future renters will receive their designer clothes at prime quality.

For more information, visit their
FAQ page.

Beatrice Eyales
BARE Reporter


  1. This is really awesome, I think girls should definitely take advantage of this! I think it would be so hard to return the garments though :(

  2. Good gift idea for girlfriends?