Women's Caucus :: A Self-Defense Workshop

The first time I heard about the infamous sexual predator prowling the area around Piedmont was when a news crew stopped me for a quick interview on my way to campus. They told me about the attacks and asked me a few questions about safety precautions. The reporter inquired whether I'd continue wearing my skirts after hearing about the attacks. Not taking her very seriously, I replied perhaps too bluntly, “Fashion comes first.”

Upon hearing about more reported attacks by the same perpetrator, I began to regret my reckless words. Fashion seems pretty trivial when safety, privacy, and individual rights are in question. This is why last Wednesday I decided to attend the
Women's Caucus Self Defense Workshop at the Sherman Hall Co-op. The workshop was put on by the Gender Equality Resource Center in light of with Sexual Assault Awareness Week (April 13-18).

The small workshop was facilitated by GenEq's Christine Ambrosio and was a small preview of
Rape Aggression Defense, a 9-12 hour class that teaches self-defense as a viable option for anyone regardless of strength. At the workshop, the participants discussed topics like personal space and intimidation, and learned a few of the moves taught in the RAD course. Going to the workshop was an overall informative and positive experience and anyone who has been afraid to walk somewhere alone after dark should find it useful.

Nastia Voynovskaya
BARE Reporter

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  1. Wow, this is so different from usual BARE coverage. I am really impressed you covered this. Well done. Hope there won't be any more attacks.