BARE Magazine in Haas NewsWire

BARE Magazine was featured in the Haas School of Business' NewsWire. The article traces the beginnings and challenged of starting up a fashion magazine "on a campus where flip-flops and pajama bottoms suffice for a fashion statement"...

Check out
the insightful interview with Doreen Bloch, publisher and founder of BARE Magazine.


  1. Hey Karen! Thanks for the shout-out; I realized yesterday it was on the Haas frontpage! Always great to have more BARE coverage. Can't wait for everyone to see the new issue!

  2. No problem Doreen! The article was awesome and BARE feels honored to have support from around the campus! After all, we are the first fashion magazine on campus =)

  3. I loved this article! yay Bare and yay Doreen!

  4. congrats doreen! you really are a multi-talented girl. great article. great interview :0) and yay bare!!!!