Chanel No 5 :: Short Film for a classic perfume

Chanel delivers once more with their new short film advertisement for their classic fragrance No. 5. The short film (I love being able to call it this and not just an advertisement) stars French actress Audrey Tautou and model Travis Davenport on a romantic journey from Paris to Istanbul. 

Shot by the director of Amelie, Jean-Pierre Jeunet, it definitely keeps up the high standard of Chanel advertisement and is just as good as the previous film for No. 5 starring Nicole Kidman. While I am not the biggest fan of this particular fragrance, the advertisement is beautiful and will definitely inspire many women to at least try the fragrance. I recommend watching it in HD on full screen for the full effect, particularly to see the beauty of the actors.

Jordan Silver
BARE Reporter


  1. I feel like if that guy wasn't so attractive, then this would just be a short film about a creepy stalker.

  2. haha...i oompletely agree

  3. she's absolutely gorgeous