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Last night the fashion world was in a frenzy as the industry's most fashionable peeps showed off their glamorous threads at the Costume Institute Gala. The exhibit was entitled "Model as the Muse: Embodying Fashion" which doesn't exactly lend itself to exciting theme dressing (such as Superheroes last year) and I have to admit I wasn't completely excited with most of the fashion choices. Many chose to play it safe and the most exciting ones for me were those who decided to take risks. Fashion need not take itself too seriously sometimes...

Of all the people wearing Marc designed clothes that night, this was my favorite. It's not the safest dress, but it's fun, it's cute and it's flattering.

No words. It's Nina Ricci.

I kind of love when Victoria's Secret models pull out something high fashion and work it. She looks absolutely stunning not to mention it's one of my favorite dresses from last season.

The Olsen sisters look stunning as usual and I love that Ashley is
wearing something from The Row. Those girls really clean up well...

People are going to make fun of me for this, but come one. The theme is model as a muse, and it's going to be pretty hard to top models in the most fabulous dresses of the season, so what's the point? Wear a head to toe (or in this case, bunny ear to toe?) runway outfit because you can.

I'm not really sure who Kristen McMenamy is (some sort of model, I assume?) but her date is Riccardo Tisci, she has awesome elven hair, and looks fierce in a white haute couture gown.

Photographs from and tumblr.

Fiona Mehta
BARE Reporter

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