Fashion Designers Tackle the Swine Flu

As buzz about the Swine Flu continues to swirl around us, regardless of whether or not we want to hear it, I don't know whether I should feel terrified or if I should just take basic precautions and move on. For the majority of us, we just wash our hands a lot and use the Swine Flu as a topic of discussion for the week, but I have seen others who are taking it a little more seriously by wearing surgical masks. 

This is a great preventative measure but as someone who is an advocate for fashion as well as humor, I smiled a little bit when I saw these masks designed by Irina Blok, a graphic artist and designer based out of San Francisco. If you are interested in these masks, head on over to her site to find out how to purchase and learn more about Blok's other projects. 

For a list of other preventative measures regarding Swine Flu, go to the University Health Services page on the virus.

Jordan Silver
BARE Reporter


  1. Haha. This is great.

  2. also check out the mint designs mask and dr. noki's.

    they are actually kinda of cool..

    later, alex