Fashion Week Video Game?

Photo from The Cut: NY Mag

505 Games, IMG, and makeup artist Pat McGrath have teamed up to create the newest video game that will perhaps open up the video game world to a whole new audience: the fashion crowd. Although we know that fashionistas are not known to be video game savvy,  a Fashion Week Video game will put this stereotype to the test.

"The game will offer players a "true insider's point of view" of Fashion Week. It will include "world-class industry gurus," models, and celebrities, and will be available for the iPhone and for Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony consoles" (The Cut)

Perhaps, just perchance, this will start a new trend. Would you play this "Fashion Week game"?

Karen Kwok
Blog Editor


  1. I would!

    My question is

    Do you play as a model? If so which models would make the roster?

    Do you play as an Editor? Can you imagine Anna Wintour as a video game character?

    Or do you play as a desiger?

    So many possibilites.

  2. business - and fashion - loverMay 23, 2009 at 6:28 PM

    I have been predicting this for so long! It's about time!

    The fashion crowd is extremely dedicted - and certainly falls into the category of spenders - so I was surprised video game companies haven't pursued this segment earlier!

    Look forward to seeing if this will become a trend!