Give me more summer staples!

Summer is just around the corner, and here are some more staples to help enrich your summer experience.

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Eucerin Moisture Lotion: easy to carry around on the go, this multi-functional lotion is a must have. Not only does it make your beautiful face stay moisturized and supple, it protects you from the glaring UV radiation that can be unforgiving during the summer. The texture of the lotion is thin, smooth, and soft, not the thick kinds that make you feel like your skin is suffocating.

Colorevolution Mineral Powder: A unique blend of minerals that includes foundation, concealer and powder all in one. One of the best all mineral foundations out there, Colorevolution gives your face a healthy, natural glow without feeling like makeup is caked on. Its color blends naturally with a wide array of skin tones. Companions to the foundation include Colorevolution bronzer, blush, and if needed, separate concealer and powder for more obvious results.

Arting Chang
BARE Reporter


  1. I'm pretty scared of makeup. What I mean is - it's really expensive and what if it's not what you expect? I hate Mac b/c it makes my face really irritated, but that's where everyone always suggests to learn about makeup/try out products. Is there anywhere else you would suggest?? Like if I want into the makeup section at Macy's or Nordstrom's which one should I go to? Does it vary by store location?

  2. well, I think different brands are better in some products, so it depends on what kind of make up you're looking for.

    We'll definitely do some more beauty product posts, so stay tuned!

  3. Clinique is pretty good for sensitive skin. I've used it for years, my mom has too, and so have several of my friends. All of them say the same thing (about it being very skin-friendly). MAC products are very "heavy" feeling, especially because MAC was originally meant for stage make-up, not necessarily for daily use. A lot of people I know are actually sensitive to MAC make-up so they don't use it.

  4. At Sephora, there's always the no questions asked return policy if the products don't work for you. Take advantage of that!

  5. I personally never use anything from MAC. All i have is the colorevolution mineral powders series and it works perfect for me. the UV protection along with the Eucerin helps protect your skin very well.